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Nothing but Darkness

Charlie walks across the forsakened, and burning, bunny infested communitty. She yells out for others with a,"Yodellay hi hoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" But no one...

Charlie: I need good stuff...
DMO: What are you talking about?
Charlie: Stuff! Good stuff... I need pineapples...
DMO: Don'tstart wiith me!
Charlie: No really, I crave pineapples. I also need some radishes...
DMO: Why radishes?
Charlie: Stop asking questions which you already know the answers to!
DMO:... What?
Charlie: Don't make me bite you! You uholy sack-a-spagettios! Muahahahaha!
Charlie: What? I get very lonely in your thoughts. I mean, all I have to speak to is a chicken man, and Aqua! And this evil invention where you kill the pres-
DMO: That's enough Charlie! Anyways, we should go...
Charlie: But your head's like some kind of paradox! I dunno what's up and down anymore! I keep thinkin' I'm standing on a mountain!
DMO: dillusional fictional character...
Charlie: *sniff bubbly eyes* Stop hurting my bunions! *runs away, back into the dark abyss of DMO's mind*
DMO: That's convenient...

- Charlie & DMO
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